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Passing it on!

The children have been getting their hands dirty in our science lessons this week with a series of experiments to test the impact of hand washing on the spread of germs.  

The children used vegetable oil and glitter to simulate germs and dirt on their hands…


Each person washed their hands in a different way.  One used cold water and one used hot water.  Another used hot soapy water while the last person couldn’t wash their hands at all…




The four ‘dirty hand’ children then turned around to shake hands with the person behind them and in turn they shook the hands of the person behind them…Image

Pretty quickly the germs were spread along the lines.Image


 The children drew conclusions that hot soapy water really was the best thing to keep their hands clean.








The children have also been finishing their emotive stories this week.  Please try reading some and feel free to leave comments.  The children are eager to hear what their readers think.


One response to “Passing it on!

  1. Ruth Cain ⋅

    That looks brilliant – Emily loved that lesson!

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